Turn one of life’s most stressful experiences into one of the best

1st February 2020
1st February 2020 rupert

They say that three of the most stressful experiences in life are death, divorce and buying a house. If this really is the case, and it seems reasonable to assume that it is, why would you not seek the guidance and assistance of a professional buying agent when going through the process of trying to identify and acquire the single biggest purchase you are ever likely to make?
A good buying agent will not just ensure that you have the opportunity to consider every property which could be bought, that meets your requirements, but also will advise you on the right approach to securing it, the price you should be paying and everything you need to know about the property before you commit to buying it.
What many people misunderstand is that estate agents act solely for the seller (their client). All too often I hear buyers referred to as ‘the client’ which, of course, they are not. Estate agents have to try and achieve the highest possible price for their client (the vendor). They have absolutely no allegiance to the buyer. Why then, when there is so much to consider, would a buyer not instruct a Buying Agent to redress the balance and represent them?
A good buying agent can save their client money by:
1. Negotiating the best possible price on their clients behalf using knowledge and experience accumulated over many years.
2. Advising on what is and isn’t necessary thus avoiding the need for unnecessary inspections
3. Introducing their client to the best professional services; effectively ‘building a team’ around their client.
4. Avoiding the need for numerous visits to unsuitable properties which wastes money and time.
5. Reducing the chance of their client making a costly mistake by overpaying or buying the wrong property.
Now we have left the EU and have stability in Government for the first time in years, market confidence is starting to return and with that will come competition for the best properties. Don’t miss out or be pressured into making a mistake for fear that someone else will buy the house you want.
Why not call us to discuss in more detail how we can help you gain an advantage over other buyers and ensure that, what is usually one of life’s most stressful experiences, becomes one of the most enjoyable?
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