A positive outlook for 2020

15th January 2020
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15th January 2020 rupert

Now we are 2 weeks into 2020 there certainly seems to be a much more positive sentiment in the property market which is very encouraging. The number of new client enquiries already is significantly higher, both for principle and second homes, as both buyers and sellers alike have decided that there is no reason to delay matters anymore and now is the time to get on with their property plans. We are seeing some very good property off-market at the moment and there is more being prepared for launch in the next few weeks so, despite the fact that stock levels are still low there should be a much more realistic chance of acquiring the property you want. The market will continue to be highly competitive for the best properties and those buyers who are represented by a good buying agent will always be at a distinct advantage over unrepresented buyers.
Indications are that house prices are not going to increase by more than about 2% this year, but transaction numbers look likely to be noticeably higher than the last couple of years. We are feeling very positive about this year and would be delighted to discuss your plans with you if you are looking to move to Kent, Sussex or Surrey. Please contact me on 07484 182778 / rupert.connell@connellpropertyconsultancy.com to discuss how we can help you acquire your next property. #movingtokent #movingtosussex #movingtosurrey #buyingagent #property #trustedadviser #movingtothecountry