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12th September 2019
12th September 2019 rupert

The continuing shenanigans in Westminster are continuing dent confidence in the property market and the uncertainty this causes can be unsettling, however, for the shrewd buyer, this could be a tremendous opportunity to acquire property at a very good price and with the reduced risk of coming into competition with others. Now is a great time to get ahead of the market to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire some superb property both on and off the market. Of course you will need help to find the right property and negotiate the purchase at the right price. This is where CPC will give you an unfair advantage by introducing you to all those opportunities, advising you on how to acquire them, negotiating the best possible deal for you and managing the entire process on your behalf from beginning to end. Please get in touch to discuss how we can find you your perfect property and save you money at the same time.