Time waits for no man

19th March 2019
19th March 2019 rupert

The phrase ‘Time waits for no man’ seems particularly relevant in the current market as many buyers (and sellers) wait for an outcome to the Brexit fiasco before committing to their planned property transaction. However, in our opinion, there seems little reason to delaying a purchase or sale.
Brexit has already done its damage and it seems unlikely that our exit from the EU will be resolved anytime soon, especially after the divisive actions of the Speaker in Parliament yesterday. Even when we do leave the EU, it won’t be a panacea. The uncertainty is not going to end, as the whole process will have to be negotiated and implemented after we have exited and who knows how long that will take?
In any situation, in order to effect a successful negotiation, it is essential to have willing on either side. In a property transaction, it is extremely difficult to come to a satisfactory result if the seller isn’t willing and virtually impossible to achieve an outcome if you don’t have a willing buyer. In the Brexit negotiations, on one side we have a majority of MP’s who don’t want to leave the EU and on the other side the EU who don’t want Britain to leave. When you consider this, how was it ever going to be sorted out smoothly?
Unless you are a property investor, buying a property shouldn’t be regarded simply as an investment, after all it is a home to live in. The value of your property may or may not increase over your period of ownership but this shouldn’t be the prerequisite for a property acquisition. Time marches on, we all get older, our children grow up, circumstances change and very soon the opportunity to buy your dream home will pass by if you wait for things beyond your control to be resolved with an unpredictable outcome. It seems pointless to put your life on hold because of the actions of a largely inept group of bickering politicians. There is some excellent property available to buy both on and off the market and, as spring approaches, there has never been a better time to put your plans into action.
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